Market Place Ministry

Peter Kumar is a business mentor and  Founder and CEO of NETZ GLOBAL  a business for Kingdom minded businessmen and women around the world. NETZ is an  effort to make  the MARKET PLACE merge with GLOBAL MISSIONS

Peter Kumar has been in trained in  business management  and has a passion to RAISE JOSEPHS  in the market place. Peter has a special passion  to serve those who are in job situations and business mandates. He serves as honorary consultant for several companies  offering guidance in matters concerning investments, joint ventures and KINGDOM PARTNERSHIPS
He firmly believes in the following KINGDOM  SYSTEMS  OF OVERFLOW.

  • God wants to work on our behalf in our work place
  • God wants to bless everything we do  according to HIS promises
  • God  wants us to understand KINGDOM ELEVATION and WORLDLY PROMOTIONS
  • God  wants to multiply our wealth 30,60,100 times with KINGDOM PRINCIPLES
  • God wants us to take back our losses as multiplied blessings

Peter travels to many countries teaching  through JOSEPH SCHOOLS and several conferences for those who have jobs and business involvement.
Peter personally mentors those in the market place  performing jobs and  businesses.

Peter  has a heart for missions and believes that those in the market place should enable millions  to turn to God  in nations. This will be possible only if we learn KINGDOM REAPING PRINCIPLES. If we learn to GROW in KINGDOM STANDARDS we can help those involved in turning the hearts of multitude to GOD.

Peter has a vision to make NETZ GLOBAL.ORG – a business platform which connects those in the marketplace globally. NETZGLOBAL is designed to facilitate members to bless each other through unique referral methods. NETZ will also be  directly working with several mission ventures involved in HARVESTING souls in nations.

Peter runs workshops and business conferences that helps every aspiring business man or woman to reach their God given potential.